Teatro do Vão - Quartet


In the opening of QUARTET, Heiner Müller writes: ‘Space-time: Salon before the French Revolution / Bunker after the World War III’ It’s in an imaginary

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Cock, when desire drives us life. A word. Me. John is fed up with his relationship and asks his boyfriend some time, when he accidentally

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It’s a reflection about the human being itself focusing on its promiscuity and on its intimacy to look at us as a raw whole. Undress

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The memory of what happened survives the body, in a different place. From Catia’s and Rui’s memories of “Que o dia te seja limpo”, we

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Sempre noiva

Forever Bride is a reflection about the collapse of the body. Forever Bride is about the not materialized love of a woman. It’s about a

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