onde nao puderes

Onde não puderes amar não te demores

Where you can not love do not delay, is the latency of the body of the interpreter made word of the poet. In the continuity of the work based on the creation of performative objects developed from non-dramatic texts, Daniel Gorjão | Teatro do Vão, this time explores letters written by Frida Kahlo throughout her life. Having in the last project staged a classic text of world dramaturgy, he now returns to an intimate object, thus working from an aesthetic imaginary recognized by all and creating a dramaturgy-choreography for an actor who will expose himself in the intimacy and the visible multiplication of the several ideas of Frida. It is from the imaginary of a timeless figure that these letters are composed, on the premise of a body that survives its physical condition and that perpetuates itself beyond a geography and a time.


Artistic Credits

Creation and artistic direction | Daniel Gorjão

Dramaturgy | Maria Jorge

Cast | João Villas-Boas

Movement Coach | Maria Azevedo Carvalho

Lighting Design and Technical Direction | Sara Garrinhas

Sound design and original musical composition |Miguel Lucas Mendes

Teaser and promotional image | Miguel Leitão

Costumes |  JFD  ideias and details

Costumes Execution | Atelier Teresa Capitão

Executive Production | Mónica Talina

Prodution | Teatro do Vão

acolhimento e apoio Teatro da Garagem

Suport | JFD Ideas and Details, Atelier Teresa Capitão, Pinguim Púrpura – Associação Cultural e Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista

apoio à divulgação | RTP2 | Antena2

Thanks | VIDEOLOTION, João Almeida e Maria João Vicente



December 6th – December 9th 2018 – Teatro Taborda| Teatro da Garagem


February 7th – February 10th 2019 – Teatro Taborda| Teatro da Garagem