Teatro do Vão - Quartet


In the opening of QUARTET, Heiner Müller writes:
Salon before the French Revolution / Bunker after the World War III’
It’s in an imaginary place set between the past and the future that Heiner Müller puts Merteuil and Valmont, playing chess with each other – or against each other – to survive the circumstances.
The profound emptiness of both characters, their huge boredom, their isolation and their loneliness are the starting point to play this Quartet.
It’s the actor’s game teasing each other, allowing their perversions to run free in order to attack the other one, allowing themselves to change gender and roles to keep the flame burning, hurting each other just for the sake of it, like cruel kids without any barriers. Like professional players, betting everything just for the pleasure of playing.
As a metaphor for theatre and life itself : playing in the tightrope called present.
In the thin line between sadism and pleasure.
We need to kill time before it kills us.

Artistic Credits

Text | Heiner Müller
Translation | Maria Adélia Silva Melo
Direction | Daniel Gorjão
Cast |  Ana Jezabel, João Villas-Boas, José Pimentão and Teresa Tavares
Technical Director | Sara Garrinhas
Vocal Coach | Luís Moreira
Art Adviser | Luciano Schmitz
Video | Videolotion
Photos | João Garrinhas (Outros Ângulos Produções)
Wardrobe Execution | Atelier Jaqueline Roxo e JFD Ideas and Details
Executive Production | João Figueiredo Dias e Mónica Talina
Production | Teatro do Vão

In association with Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo, A Arte da Terra, Atelier Jaqueline Roxo and JFD Ideas and Details

An Institutional Partnership with The Portuguese Republic – Ministry of Culture

Thanks | António Palma, Carla Portugal, Carlos Tiago, Fada Bordados, Gonçalo Sousa, João Nunes, João Pedro Almeida, Kolovrat, Marta Pedroso, Ricardo Campos, Rui Lopes, Sérgio Joaquim, Sérgio Camacho and Tiago Pedro


Duração | 50min


September 23rd –  October 2nd 2020 – CPBC | Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo

2ª, 5ª and Sunday at 7 p.m
3ª, 4ª, 6ª and Saturday  at 9 p.m